BY Benjamin ClarkJuly 10, 2024
2 weeks ago
 | July 10, 2024
2 weeks ago

Biden Skips G7 Meeting With German Chancellor For Rest

President Biden missed an early evening meeting with the German chancellor in June 2022 because he had to go to bed.

According to Business Insider, during the G7 summit held in Germany in June 2022, a planned casual meeting between President Joe Biden and German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, primarily to discuss Ukraine, was notably absent the American president.

Secretary of State Antony Blinken, stepping in at the event, conveyed that President Biden required rest and thus could not attend the gathering.

Biden's Absence At The G7 Summit Meeting Explained

Chancellor Scholz and his team were reportedly caught off-guard by Biden's non-appearance and the announced reason.

Secretary Blinken's sudden declaration that "Biden would not make an appearance because he had to rest" left several attendees puzzled, reflecting a deviation from anticipated diplomatic interactions.

A State Department spokesperson later denied that Biden's need for rest was the motive behind canceling the appearance, although different reports and official statements have suggested otherwise.

Official Responses And Contradictory Reports

In the aftermath, there was confusion about the exact reasons for Biden needing rest, with the State Department spokesperson outright denying that this was the cause of the cancellation.

On the contrary, another unidentified official mentioned that participants were informed beforehand that Biden would not be able to attend the evening meeting.

There was no clear confirmation from Business Insider regarding the specifics of Biden's need to rest, contributing to ambiguity about the situation.

Moreover, reports by Axios suggested an optimal functioning time for Biden between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m., implying a struggle with engagements outside these hours.

Adjustments To Biden's Schedule And Public Image

The White House's reaction to these circumstances reportedly involved reducing President Biden's daily activities and shielding him from unplanned meetings, as per information from The Wall Street Journal.

Additionally, CNN and The New York Times reported that Biden himself has expressed a need for more sleep, requesting no scheduled events after 8 p.m.

This protective scheduling takes on new meaning as Biden, dismissing concerns about his ability to lead effectively, told ABC's George Stephanopoulos, "I would step aside only if the 'Lord Almighty' asked me to." This statement came amidst rising concerns and criticisms from within his party.

Donors Question Biden's Mental Acuity

Rumors and quiet discussions have swirled among Democratic ranks, with high-profile donors voicing worries about Biden's mental acuity.

Abigail Disney, a prominent Democratic supporter, went so far as to announce her cessation of donations to the Democratic Party until a new presidential candidate is put forward.

Despite the controversy, Biden is set to host NATO alliance leaders in Washington for a three-day summit, culminating in a solo press conference on July 11th.

Reflecting On Presidential Stamina And Public Perception

The fluctuation in presidential duties and Biden's apparent limitations have stirred considerable discourse on his overall stamina and capability to continue holding office.

Through these adjustments and ongoing debates, the optics of presidential capacity and the dynamics of international diplomacy are continually being reshaped. With the upcoming NATO summit, all eyes will be on Biden to gauge his performance and handling domestic and global pressures.

In conclusion, President Biden's recent behaviors, combined with modifications to his official schedule and public engagements, have fueled significant dialogue about his capacity to fulfill the demands of the presidency. This ongoing saga not only impacts U.S. domestic politics but also its relations on the global stage, underscoring the complexity of leadership in high office.

Written by: Benjamin Clark



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