BY Staff WritersFebruary 10, 2024
2 weeks ago

Biden’s Doctor Accused Of Effectively Being Part Of President's Family

In a striking critique, Rep. Ronny Jackson (R-TX) has voiced deep concerns about the integrity of President Joe Biden's health reporting.

During an appearance on Breitbart News Daily, Jackson levied serious allegations about President Joe Biden's White House doctor's trustworthiness and the transparency in health assessments of the commander in chief.

An Experienced Voice Raises Concerns

Jackson holds a unique position from which to voice his concerns. Having served as the White House doctor for Presidents George W. Bush, Barack Obama, and Donald Trump, Jackson carries with him a wealth of experience and insight into the medical transparency expected at such a high office.

Jackson's candid comments emerged during a Feb. 9 interview with Breitbart News Daily, in which his unease about the current state of health reporting for Biden was openly discussed.

According to Jackson, the crux of the issue lies with Biden's White House doctor, whom Jackson accuses of being too closely interwoven with the Biden family, to the detriment of objective health reporting.

Allegations of Bias and Lack of Transparency

"I know this guy well. He worked for me for eight years, and he is part of the Biden family," Jackson stated, expressing his doubts about the doctor's ability to remain impartial. "He’s not to be trusted... He’s not going to give us any insight," he further asserted.

Jackson's discomfort stems from what he perceives as a significant difference in the approach to health transparency between the current and previous administrations. While serving under Trump, Jackson noted his efforts to provide detailed health reports and defend them rigorously before the press, a practice he suggests has not been maintained.

Contrast in Cognitive Health Assessments

The former White House physician juxtaposed the handling of cognitive assessments between Presidents Trump and Biden. Jackson praised Trump for his mental acuity, recalling instances where Trump handled press inquiries with ease and noting his perfect score on a cognitive test — assessments Jackson personally administered.

This comparison was amplified by Jackson's portrayal of Biden's mental fitness. Leveraging statements from special counsel Robert Hur's recent report, Jackson insinuated that Biden, at age 81, exhibits signs of being mentally unwell, a remark that stoked further controversy around the president's health.

"You watch him... And we’re watching him, and we’re terrified," Jackson commented, highlighting his alarm over Biden's cognitive capabilities, as gleaned from public appearances and reported assessments.

Seeking Accountability and Transparency

Jackson's comments paint a picture of a pressing need for greater transparency in the health reporting of serving presidents. He draws from his experiences and observations to underline the discrepancies he perceives in how health issues, particularly cognitive health, are addressed and disclosed.

The critical stance taken by Jackson, fueled by his extensive background as a former White House doctor, adds a layer of gravity to his observations and concerns.

As these discussions unfold in the public sphere, they serve as a reminder of the importance of transparency and trust in the health reporting of high-ranking officials, ensuring that the public remains fully informed.

Conclusion: A Call for Clarity and Honesty

In closing, Jackson's statements on Breitbart News Daily underscore a growing concern over the transparency and reliability of health reporting for President Joe Biden. With allegations of bias and a lack of comprehensive disclosures, the debate over presidential health transparency shows no signs of abating.

  • Rep. Ronny Jackson criticizes the trustworthiness of President Joe Biden's White House doctor.
  • Jackson questions the transparency of health assessments and compares the mental fitness reporting between Biden and Trump.
  • A call is made for greater transparency and impartiality in reporting on the health of high-ranking officials.
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