BY Joe Saunders, The Western JournalMarch 5, 2023
1 year ago
 | March 5, 2023
1 year ago

Biden's Ex-Censorship Czar Announces Lawsuit Plan Against Fox News, It Instantly Backfires with Hilarious Results

She should be laughed out of court -- if it gets that far.

But first she's getting ridiculed on social media.

And in Nina Jankowicz latest turn in the public spotlight, both are richly deserved.

Most Americans got their first introduction to Jankowicz when she was announced as the head of the new, Orwellian "Disinformation Governance Board," the Biden administration's stab at putting an official agency in place to handle all the censorship those patriotic souls at the FBI and other government agencies had been taking care of under the table on behalf of Democrats since the Trump administration.

Fortunately for the future of the Republic, the Disinformation Governance Board got stopped in its tracks after a national firestorm erupted over the idea of President Joe Biden's administration -- or any administration -- taking a torch to everything the First Amendment stands for.

But not before the country learned what kind of certifiable left-wing nut the Biden administration had chosen to be in charge of its blatantly unconstitutional project to squelch opinions it didn't like.

Now, the noble Nina is back in the public eye, announcing a fundraising effort to scare up enough money to sue Fox News for ... letting its host voice opinions she doesn't like.

In a lengthy, whiny video posted to Twitter last week -- and a GoFundMe page -- Jankowicz is seeking to scare up $100,000 to pay for a lawsuit against Fox, for, she wrote, "their malicious, reckless lies about me."

What's interesting is that the video is filled with examples of Fox figures such as Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham hammering Jankowicz and the agency she was in charge of. It's made up almost entirely of opinion journalists voicing their opinions that not only was the Disinformation Governance Board an abomination, but Jankowicz herself had no business in a position of censoring American opinions.

And now, to prove that she was supposedly lied about as some sort of government-funded singing censorship diva, Jankowicz is trying to raise money from gullible libs to be a privately funded singing censorship diva.

It hasn't gone well.

For starters, the GoFundMe page as of early Sunday afternoon Eastern Standard Time had raised only about $12,900 of its goal of $100,000, three days after it went live. (Considering Jankowicz's high profile and the number of liberal lunatics in this country, that's abysmal.)

But more to the point, the social media world where Jankowicz made her pitch erupted in mockery. There was a smattering of supportive responses to Jankowicz's tweet but the vast, vast majority had no trouble hitting the target Jankowicz had placed on her own back.

This is a good sample:

It's important to note that this isn't happening in a vacuum.

First, Fox is also being sued for defamation in a huge case brought by the voting machine maker Dominion. The suit accuses the network of "knowingly repeating falsehoods from former President Trump and his aides and allies," according to a report in The Hill from Friday.

The report also noted that neither Fox nor Dominion had demonstrated any interest in setting the suit.

(Unlike, say, CNN and The Washington Post, when those once-respectable news organizations smeared a Kentucky teenager named Nicholas Sandmann because they didn't like his hat, Fox actually has the Constitution in its legal arsenal.)

There's no doubt Jankowicz is aware that the Fox-Dominion lawsuit is in the headlines now. It's a good bet she's cynically hoping to capitalize on that with this stunt.

Second, it doesn't get particularly high mention in the GoFundMe page, but Jankowicz clearly states that the funds she raises won't be restricted to funding a supposed lawsuit against Fox:


"They will also support my other security and legal costs related to Fox News’ actions. Below please find a list of some of my current costs:

"In early December, Representative Jim Jordan made clear he intends to subpoena me before his new Subcommittee on the Weaponization of Federal Government. He continues to lie about me and my body of work. I have had to retain a lawyer who specializes in Congressional investigations to help me navigate this process ..."

Jankowicz also listed having to seek legal protection against a persistent harasser and a need to hire legal counsel in other "frivolous, nonsensical lawsuits" where she is named as a defendant.

But the one of greatest public interest is the potential subpoena Jankowicz described by Ohio Rep. Jim Jordan to put her under oath about the progressive war against free expression.

That is what has to be worrying Jankowicz -- and it has to be worrying the progressive establishment, too.

With Twitter owner Elon Musk using the "Twitter Files" to release the truth about how the FBI worked with Twitter against Donald Trump, with House Republicans holding subpoena power to get aspiring totalitarians like Jankowicz on the record about what they were trying to do to freedom of expression in the United States, the left has a good deal to worry about.

None of it is a laughing matter -- certainly not the attempts by progressives to truly destroy democracy (what they are chronically accusing conservatives of).

Jankowicz shouldn't even be able to find a lawyer to put together such a shoddy case against Fox. And if it ever got to court, it should be laughed out.

But first, and fittingly, she's getting mocked on social media.

Never has a public figure been proven a hypocrite more publicly -- and she did it completely to herself.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Written by: Joe Saunders, The Western Journal



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