Actor Johnny Depp, who emerged victorious Wednesday in his defamation trial against ex-wife Amber Heard, could be making a comeback soon, if social media rumors prove true.

The seeds of the rumors were found in online searches that linked Depp’s name with the upcoming film “Beetlejuice 2,” according to KXLY-TV.

The original 1998 film directed by Tim Burton concerned a dead married couple who return as ghosts to haunt a family they do not like with the hope of forcing the family to leave their former home. The sequel is supposed to air in 2025.

No official word has been issued linking Depp with the movie.

Right I am seeing tweets that #JohnnyDepp will be in #Beetlejuice2 can someone confirm is there going to be another #Beetlejuice dear lord J would LOVE THAT. Winona & Michael K ahhh Beetlejuice 2 would be awesoms if true 🤞 xxx

— 🎆 SMBSLT 💙 (@smbslt) May 25, 2022

Michael Keaton and Winona Ryder are also on the list of names linked to the proposed sequel.

Ryder, who starred alongside Depp in “Edward Scissorhands,” has said she wants the film to be shot.

“I’m in! I’m definitely excited, and I’m really hopeful that it’ll happen,” she said.

“The only way we would do it is if everything was perfect and we had all the people -- obviously Michael and obviously Tim,” she said. Depp has made eight movies with Burton.

During the trial, Depp claimed Heard "ruined his life by falsely telling the world she was a survivor of domestic abuse at the hands of Mr. Depp," Depp's lawyer Camille Vasquez said last week in closing arguments, according to NPR.

Heard's lawyers said Depp was the vindictive one.

"In Mr. Depp's world, you don't leave Mr. Depp," said J. Benjamin Rottenborn, Heard's lawyer. "If you do, he will start a campaign of global humiliation against you."

Depp’s lawyers said the case was about Depp’s future, not his past.

"This case for Mr. Depp has never been about money," Depp lawyer Benjamin Chew said. "It is about Mr. Depp's reputation and freeing him from the prison in which he has lived for the last six years."

Entertainment agent Darryl Marshak said Depp's "unbelievable talent" will help him make a comeback, according to CNN.

"Hollywood is also forgiving, and as it moves forward and this thing stops airing and Johnny is able to move fluidly back into the business, I think he'll reemerge again," he said.

"Hollywood is a fickle place."

Juda Engelmayer, who has represented celebrities, said that Depp’s performance at the trial has helped his image.

"His testimony, whether true or an act, has caused a resurgence of fans who missed him," he said. "For his reputation and career, studios see he still has a fan base.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

A Redmond, Washington, mother received the shock of her life when she saw her 2-year-old daughter sprinting toward a little bear in their backyard.

The quick-thinking mother hurriedly grabbed her daughter, lifted her, and then darted back into the house within seconds. The home’s security camera captured the ordeal.

“I just panicked. I didn’t really have a lot of thoughts in the moment so much as get the child and get back inside,” the mother, Samantha Martin, told WTVT-TV.

“I was scared and started cussing like a sailor,” Martin said, according to Storyful, which posted the video to YouTube:



Martin said that her toddler Juniper has a love for reading. Juniper had recently been learning about animals from an animal identification book.

Bears were her favorite animal, the mother told the news station.

CCTV footage showed a little bear running along the home's concrete compound wall when the toddler runs out of the home, shouting, "That's a bear!"

The mother and daughter duo had been watching a movie at home when the daughter spotted the furry animal, and quietly unlocked the door to the yard before running toward the animal.

"It was just a little baby bear, but my biggest concern wasn’t necessarily the baby bear so much as I didn’t know where the mom was and didn’t know how she’d feel about two humans running towards her baby," Martin said.

"I think she was just excited to see something from her book," Martin said.

According to the mother, the bird feeder the family had set up in their backyard attracted the omnivore to their home. The feeder is now destroyed.

"The bear had pulled it down or ripped it or loosened it," Martin said.

"Bird feeders can provide a real attractant for bears and other wildlife ... take down your bird feeders in the spring," Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife Puget Sound Region Communications Manager Chase Gunnell told the outlet.

Martin told WTVT-TV that she spoke with Juniper about the dangers of wildlife following the close call.

"I did tell her the bear was dangerous and we’ve been watching National Geographic," Martin said, adding that she was also considering buying a child locking device for the patio door and would not set up a feeder again.

"I love birds, but I also don’t want bears to continuously come into the yard, so I’m not putting the bird seed back up," Martin said.

In recent months, officials have warned Redmond residents of significant bear presence in the area, with over three sightings the week of May 15, KING-TV reported.

On May 21, a Redmond resident David Shelden was surprised to see a black bear meandering 25 feet from his house while he was washing the dishes inside.

"He was inquisitive, which was really, really cool, and again when I yelled at him, he stopped, and I started talking to him, and he was listening and was watching, but he wasn't getting tense ... it's a lot of fun," Shelden said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

A 17-year-old girl, who was once enjoying her spring break at Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, has been reported missing since April 25, 2009.

That is, until now. More than a decade later, the body of Brittanee Drexel was discovered.

The body was discovered May 11 in Georgetown County, near the original spring break vacation spot where Drexel was last seen, according to a May 16 press conference.

Police used DNA testing and dental records to identify the remains, the New York Post reported.

Drexel was still a high school student when she left her hometown of Chili, New York, with her friends for Myrtle Beach back in 2009.

Drexel was last seen on surveillance video leaving a hotel in Myrtle Beach, according to another Post article.

Brittanee’s mother, Dawn Drexel, commented on the discovery of her daughter’s body.

“This is truly a mother’s worst nightmare,” Drexel said in the press conference.

“I’m mourning my beautiful daughter Brittanee as I have been for 13 years, but today it’s bittersweet. We are much closer to the closure and the peace that we have been desperately hoping for.”

Suspect and sex offender Raymond Douglas Moody, 62, has been arrested in Georgetown, South Carolina, for the murder of Drexel, officials said.

Moody was charged with obstruction of justice, kidnapping, murder and criminal sexual conduct in the first degree.

The warrant stated that the cause of death was manual strangulation caused by Moody. However, an official cause of death is still pending, according to The Sun News.

Sheriff Weaver spoke out to the Drexels during the press conference.

“To the Drexel family, we mourn with you and pray for you as you cope with the tragedies of 13 years ago,” Weaver said. “No one deserves to go through this and our hearts go out to you. Our only hope is that this finding allows your family to grieve properly for Brittanee.

Dawn said the family is organizing a celebration of her daughter’s life in Rochester, New York, and Myrtle Beach, South Carolina.

"Today marks the beginning of a new chapter. The search for Brittanee is now a pursuit of Brittanee's justice," Dawn said.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Part of the appeal of senior pranks is that they walk a very thin line between acceptably edgy and going way too far. Some seniors at Memorial High School in Frisco, Texas, certainly pushed the envelope with their final farewell, and their decision has gotten a lot of negative attention.

According to what Frisco ISD told KDFW-TV, the original, approved senior prank plan involved a lot of sticky notes and a handful of students -- but that's not what happened when the students were let into the school Wednesday night.



Even though school staff was on hand, the students soon got so out of control that backup had to be called in.

"A small group of students from Memorial High School was approved to use Post-it notes on the walls to decorate and place messages around the campus as part of their senior prank last night," a letter to parents from the school administration read.

"Staff members were on-site to monitor students, but the situation devolved rapidly, and the Frisco Police and Fire Departments became involved. Students vandalized the campus to a point that classes are not able to be held at MHS for the remainder of the week."

Videos were circulated on social media showing messages featuring curse words painted on the walls, fire extinguishers being set off and general chaos -- turning the school into an apocalyptic scene. No one was hurt, but the mess required extensive cleanup measures, and classes were canceled -- citing air quality issues.

"There's quite a bit of damage to the school," said Teresa Mabrey, whose student did not participate. "The school's going to have to be cleaned completely from top to bottom that has thousands of dollars worth of damages."

"Damage is estimated in the thousands of dollars and includes paint on the walls, destruction of furniture, discharged fire extinguishers throughout campus and more," administrators said.



"Every surface on the 300,000 sq. ft. campus must be cleaned, including the walls, ceilings and floors. Frisco ISD will hold the students responsible for costs associated with the clean up."

The debacle is especially galling to those seniors who did not participate in the destruction but whose last two days of school were canceled because of their peers' poor decision-making.

"It was another level of embarrassment for me because I was expecting just to go to school the next day and sticky notes be everywhere," student Katelynn Mabrey added.

"They canceled school because of everything that happened. And now, I don't get to see those teachers that were a big part of my life. And it's just, it's not funny. It's not cool. It's just sad."

The district and police are working together to identify the students responsible and determine whether or not criminal charges will apply.



Determined not to let a few bad apples spoil the end of the year, some students and parents rallied to encourage teachers who were on campus Friday morning.

Over two dozen students and parents arrived to cheer on the teachers, handing them cookies and waving signs with supportive messages.

"The teachers and staff were meeting in the fieldhouse, so [Frisco Memorial principal] Mrs. Albuquerque let us go inside and form a little run-through [human tunnel] as the teachers were coming in, and we were cheering for them," mom Cristi Paton told the Frisco Enterprise.

"They were coming in groups of two, three or five, and we were cheering for them and handing them cookies and telling them that we appreciated them."

Hopefully next year's seniors will take note of how this prank went down and be a little more considerate in their choice when the time comes.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

For Jenna Fournel of Alexandria, Virginia, gardening is a way of life, a way to bond as a family and a means of giving back to the community.

"It was probably 2018 when the boys were really old enough to start doing their own things in the garden, planting some of their own seeds, and we planted a lot of flowers," she told NPR. "That was the first year that we had a bunch of flowers."



"The boys" are her sons Leal Abbatiello, now 14, and Oliver "Oli" Abbatiello, who was 7 at the time and loved spending time in the garden.

And it was Oli who came up with a generous plan for using the contents of their garden. Oli, an animal lover, proposed that they set up a little "flower market" to raise money for an animal shelter down the road.

So they picked their flowers, put them on the curb and raised money for the needy pets. It's a fond memory now, one made only more dear by what happened the following year.

In the fall of 2019, Oli was taken to the hospital with what the family thought was a simple stomach bug, but the reality was much more devastating.



The 8-year-old boy with a giving heart was diagnosed with adrenal insufficiency, with no warning, and passed away a short while later.

"[It was] something that nobody had diagnosed or anticipated was happening with him, and so it was a complete shock to all of us that it happened, and sort of was something that was really diagnosed after he died," Fournel said.

"So he was here one day and then he wasn't the next.

"What enabled, I think, all of us -– my husband and my oldest son and I -– to survive those really hard early days was the fact that our community was so here for us," she continued.

"People brought us food for months, people checked in all the time; and I was so struck by the ways in which a community, both people that I knew but also strangers, just lifted us up."

It was Oli's influence, again, that spurred Fournel to eventually reach out to the community. As she was going through old school papers of his, she found an assignment from a prompt asking what he'd do with $100 dollars.

"He talked about how he'd use that money to buy dog beds, leashes and food for dogs that needed homes," the mother said. "And we thought, what's a way to keep that spirit of loving kindness alive in our own lives and for others?"

The answer? A bigger garden and a bigger produce giveaway.



With her husband and Leal by her side, Fournel expanded the garden and started sharing their harvests -- right about the time the pandemic hit.

Food shortages, fear and a broken sense of community were strengthened by the produce giveaways. Each Saturday, the family would set out a vegetal bounty, encouraging locals to help themselves, free of charge.

It was Leal who came up with the name of their farm stand: "L&O Farms" -- for Leal and Oli, of course.

"It was slow at first," Leal told NPR. "No one really came. No one knew about it. But slowly, people have made it a habit of every week, every [Saturday] morning, they come by and they get some produce."

"Suddenly the isolation of COVID felt less isolated because we had created this space for getting to know people and building our own new stories for ourselves in our lives, at a time when we really needed that, and I think everybody did," Fournel said.

After losing their 8-year-old son Oli, they wanted to keep his spirit alive.

So they expanded the garden he loved — and started sharing the produce with their community for free.

It became a crucial way for neighbors to stay connected in the pandemic.

— NPR (@NPR) May 22, 2022

Neighbors who'd never met started friendships, people were able to enjoy seasonal homegrown vegetables, herbs and flowers, and relationships were forged and strengthened. And Fournel has continued the tradition through today, setting out up to 30 pounds of produce every weekend, depending on what's growing.

"When you learn about other people's stories not only do you feel less alone but you also feel more called upon to make sure that they don't feel alone also," Fournel said.

Sometimes homemade bread and muffins make their way to the farm stand. Sometimes seedlings find new homes with neighbors, increasing the reach of L&O Farms.

"It's just lovely, like you drive by [and] it just looks like this beautiful bounty of generosity," neighbor Lisa Delmonico said.

And it's been a wonderful way for a grieving family to heal and connect, all while continuing a young boy's legacy of giving.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Republican Kandiss Taylor said that if her long shot candidacy to be Georgia governor succeeds, she will demolish four giant granite tablets known as the Georgia Guidestones.

Most of the attention in the high-profile campaign is on incumbent Gov. Brian Kemp, who has been targeted for defeat by former President Donald Trump. Trump is backing former Sen. David Perdue.

"Elect me Governor of Georgia, and I will bring the Satanic Regime to its knees— and DEMOLISH the Georgia Guidestones," Taylor said on her Facebook campaign page.

I am the ONLY candidate bold enough to stand up to the Luciferian Cabal.

Elect me Governor of Georgia, and I will bring the Satanic Regime to its knees— and DEMOLISH the Georgia Guidestones.

Join me in my fight to #TearThemDown!


— Kandiss Taylor (@KandissTaylor) May 2, 2022

“For decades, the Global Luciferian Regime has seeped its way into our Government. They demoralized us with humiliation rituals as they tore down our historical monuments, persecuted our children, locked us down in our homes and forced us into becoming walking science experiments through a global vaccination program. They erected statues spelling out the exact plans they had for us, and today we the people of Georgia say no more,” she said on her website.

"It's time for us to return the favor. On my first day as Governor of Georgia, I will move to DEMOLISH the Demonic plans of our enemy. The Satanic agenda is NOT welcome in our state,” she wrote.

The 19-foot tall Guidestones were erected in 1979 and enjoy a mist-shrouded origin, according to the Daily Beast.

If they are saying it then you know it's coming because they are the ones who are orchestrating it.....
This is a new low in their desire to depopulate the planet..... Genocide through food control.

Google Georgia Guidestones.... You are the "useless eater" they want to cull.

— Zaid Hamid (@ZaidZamanHamid) May 19, 2022

As the story goes, a man calling himself "R.C. Christian" appeared in Georgia and claimed that he represented “a small group of Americans who seek the Age of Reason," according to The Wall Street Journal.

The tablets were then built, and supposedly since then, the only two men who knew the real identity of R.C. Christian died, according to the Daily Beast.

“Both men have since died, theoretically taking the truth about Christian’s identity, and whether he existed at all, with them,” noted The Daily Beast, which acknowledged the possibility that the Guidestones were a brainchild to promote the region’s granite industry.

Anything this big and this obscure is going to attract theories, and the Guidestones are no exception.

“The Guidestones have been arranged in an elaborate sundial-like configuration to help surviving humans reorient the species’ calendar, with one focused on the North Star and another revealing when the sun is at noon,” the Daily Beast continued.

For some, the Guidestones are evidence of a scheme from global elites to kill off most of the world’s people.

“Ideas about the methods and culprits of that depopulation have changed since 1979, shifting from the Illuminati to the New World Order to the Davos set. In 2014, conspiracy theorists cited the Guidestones as proof that the ebola outbreak would kill off much of humanity,” the Daily Beast wrote.

“In a 2018 Facebook post, future Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) endorsed the idea that the Guidestones revealed a world genocide plot. In the pandemic, the Guidestones have come to be seen as proof of an impending ‘Great Reset’ of the world, with COVID-19 vaccines used to kill off most people."


Elberton Mayor Daniel Graves dismissed Taylor’s claim that the Guidestones are diabolical as “some outlandish conspiracy theories she watched on YouTube.”

“There is only one community in the world that could build such a monument,” Graves said. "And that is what we celebrate here and will continue to celebrate long after her campaign is forgotten.”

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

The majority of reported crimes committed against homeless people in Los Angeles are ones of violence.

And what happened on Tuesday night was no exception, according to KABC-TV.

A 75-year-old homeless man -- who is also a double amputee in a wheelchair -- was shot outside of a McDonald’s in South Los Angeles on the 1700 block of West Century Boulevard, according to the New York Post.

The victim was rushed to a nearby hospital where he is now in critical, but stable, condition.

The suspects are two females: one getaway driver and one shooter, according to the Post.

The two females allegedly drove to the McDonald's. Once there, one of them got out of the car, fired a shot at the man's head, returned to the vehicle and fled, according to police.

“And we’re asking for prayer for these two young women who enacted this violent crime,” Rev. Douglas Nelson of True LA Church told KABC-TV. “Because obviously something spiritually is wrong with them.”

As of Thursday morning, authorities still do not have any additional information on the suspects, and the motivation behind the suspects’ actions remains unclear.

What is clear, however, is how this affects the homeless community in Los Angeles.

“They’re taking stuff away from people that are ... they’re innocent,” Richard Padilla, a homeless man, told KABC-TV.

The outlet reported that 82 percent of all crimes involving the homeless is classified as violent.

“It’s not safe out here, there is nothing safe about this place,” said Scott Carter, another homeless man in South Los Angeles.

Ollie Bradley, a man who runs a neighborhood food bank, stated that many homeless people are living in constant fear and oppression of violent crimes.

“They’re scared,” Bradley said. “It’s not enough security for them. They need to be secured just like anybody else. They’re just outside, not inside.”

But some homeless individuals have found a way to help alleviate their fear of being a victim of violent crime.

The solution? Staying in groups.

“They don’t see a victim here,” said David Rugher, another homeless man that resides in Los Angeles.

“We're supporting each other,” claimed Mohamed Jami, who is also homeless.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

An at-home COVID test posed a life-threatening danger to one U.K. woman after the kit’s cotton swab nearly punctured her intestines when she inadvertently swallowed it.

Bobby Lee,  a mother of one in the northeastern England town of Durham, decided to take a rapid test after returning home from a night shift feeling sick, the New York Post reported last week.

Although testing kits instruct users to swab their naval cavities, Lee decided to swab the back of her throat.

A recent social media trend encouraging people to swab their throats rather than their noses might be to blame.

“When I swabbed the back of my throat, I sort of gagged,” Lee said told the London-based South West News Service, according to the Post.

“The stick twanged in my mouth and got stuck at the back of my throat, with the swab down my throat and the end stuck in the roof of my mouth in the back.”

When Lee attempted to remove the swab, she realized that it was stuck.

Struggling to breathe and fearing for her life, Lee drove to an emergency room.

Having never encountered a case like Lee’s before, medics decided to perform emergency surgery on her to retrieve the swab.

“It had gone all the way into my tummy. The pictures they took with the camera down my throat even showed it near my intestines," Lee said, according to the report. “It had to come out of my mouth though, as if it had gotten into my intestines, it would have punctured them.”

"It was really scary," she added. "It could have ended up fatal."

The push to swab the throat instead of the nasal cavity started in response to reports of individuals testing negative for COVID-19 with a nasal swab test but positive with a throat swab.

Well, there it is. Today, with the “wrong” (i.e. cold) symptoms and after a string of negative LFTs, I finally took Twitter advice and swabbed my throat as well as my nose (no mean feat with that diddly stick). If you think you might have COVID, consider adding the throat sample

— Prof Jennifer L. Rohn (@JennyRohn) December 27, 2021

The unique symptoms of the COVID-19 omicron variant may be the cause of the false negatives, Dr. Michael Daignault, an ER physician and chief medical adviser for Reliant Health Services, told KXAS-TV in Fort Worth, Texas, in January.

“The omicron variant, we've seen that it's causing sore throat and nasal congestion, and so if you miss a good sample from the nose and you swab the back of your throat, it increases the accuracy of the test,” he said.

Although throat swabs may produce more accurate test results, Lee's case illustrates the danger of self-swabbing the throat at home.

The Food and Drug Administration discourages throat swabs because they are "more complicated than nasal swabs -- and if used incorrectly, can cause harm to the patient," according to KXAS.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

What should have been a fun family vacation at the beach this week has turned to tragedy, unforgettable in all the wrong ways.

The family was visiting from Maine and spending Tuesday at a New Jersey beach. Levi Caverly, 18, and his 17-year-old sister (whose name was not released) were digging a hole in the sand with frisbees, said Mo Hill, mayor of Toms River, according to "Today."

The siblings spent the afternoon fashioning a 10-foot hole, but it caved in on them, trapping them both.



"On Tuesday, May 17, 2022, at approximately 4:09 PM, multiple police and EMS units were dispatched to the beach entrance near Seaview Road on the barrier island for reports of two teens trapped in the sand," the Toms River Police Department posted on Facebook.

"The family was visiting from out of town and spent the afternoon at the beach. They teens were reportedly digging a large hole when it collapsed and trapped both of them. Emergency crews from neighboring towns also responded to the scene to assist in rescue efforts."

The emergency triggered a massive response from agencies near and far as first responders rushed to assist them.



"First responders are working as fast as they can to get two patients who are trapped in a trench (possibly sand) on Seaview Road," Jersey Coast Emergency News posted.

"One patient is trapped approximately 10 feet in a trench. Two helicopters are responding to the beach. One backhoe is responding to the location.

"RUST (Regional Urban Search & Rescue) responding. Responders are in a race against time.

"Update: one 17 year old female removed and being transported to hospital by ground. One more patient 18 year old male still trapped. Helicopter on ground."



A short while later, the final, tragic update was shared.

"The 17 year old female victim was rescued and treated at the scene, but her brother Levi Caverly, 18 of Union Maine, tragically died in the collapse," the Toms River Police Department said.

Most people wouldn't think twice about playing on the beach, making sandcastles or digging in the sand, but the water isn't the only danger on the beach.

Authorities are using this heartbreaking incident to remind vacationers and beachgoers that digging in sand can be dangerous, and they urge people not to dig holes any deeper than their knees.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

From muted bells to a mourning tour, preparations are taking shape for the eventual passing of Queen Elizabeth II.

What’s known as "Operation London Bridge" will begin when the long reign of the 95-year-old queen comes to its close, according to The U.S. Sun.

As part of that, companies making leather goods across England are now preparing to make what are known as muffles for church bells.

Such items were last made in 1952, when King George VI, Elizabeth’s father, died. Any of Britain’s 16,000 churches that still have the ones from 70 years ago are likely to have little more than rotted pieces of leather.

“We have spent a lot of time talking to the Royal Household and Lambeth Palace about the day the Monarch passes, which we hope will not be any time soon," Central Council of Church Bell Ringers spokeswoman Vicki Chapman said, according to the Daily Mail.

Muffles fit over the clapper of a bell, deadening the sound when it hits the sides of the bell.

“Adding muffles makes bells sound mournful, more like a hum –- so they will sound like thud, thud, thud rather than dong, dong, dong. It is about paying due reverence to the service of the Monarch and commemorating her life,” she said.

Chris Woodcock, Lincoln's civic ringing master, said churches are aware they may not have a long time to prepare.


"The majority of churches are rushing around trying to get enough of them," he said.

Operation London Bridge covers the first 10 days between the death of the queen and the state funeral that will take place in Westminster Abbey, The Sun reported.

During that time, the queen’s coffin will have a lying-in-state public viewing.

Prince Charles and the Duchess of Cornwall have been married for 17 years to the day

— Tatler (@Tatlermagazine) April 9, 2022

Prince Charles will address Britain and then undergo a mourning tour.

A national moment of silence will be held, and at 6 p.m. on the first day of his reign, the prime minister will meet with King Charles, who will be the third of the name to wear the British crown.

Marilyn Monroe greets Queen Elizabeth II with a curtsy - Empire Theatre, London, 29 October 1956

— History Calendar (@HistoryCalendar) April 9, 2022

On more prosaic levels, the Home Office will upgrade security while the Foreign Office will deal with any issues COVID-19 restrictions might cause high-ranking officials coming from abroad.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.


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