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Dems on Suicide Mission If Biden Drops 2024 Bid: Report

The Democratic Party faces a daunting scenario as President Joe Biden, the oldest president in U.S. history, has no clear backup plan for the 2024 election. This uncertainty puts the party at a significant crossroads.

Amid growing concerns about President Biden's age and potential health issues, the lack of a viable alternative candidate for the 2024 elections is causing unrest within the Democratic Party.

Biden, now 81, stands as a historic figure, being the oldest president to lead the United States. His age has become a central talking point among voters and political analysts alike. A recent poll reflects this sentiment vividly, revealing that the top three words voters use to describe Biden are "old," "weak," and "tired." These descriptors underline a growing public perception challenge for the President.

Ballot Access Deadlines Add to Democratic Dilemmas

The practicalities of election logistics further complicate the Democrats' situation. With ballot access deadlines already past in key early primary states like South Carolina and Nevada, the party finds itself in a time-sensitive predicament. These deadlines, crucial for any potential candidate to meet, have intensified the urgency of the situation.

Tim Hogan, a Democratic strategist, underscored the severity of this challenge. He described the logistical nightmare that any alternative Democratic candidate would face if Biden were to decide not to run. According to Hogan, attempting to get on ballots at this stage would be "logistically impossible" and akin to a "suicide mission."

Amidst this backdrop, the party acknowledges the potential for upheaval. Reuters reported conversations with current and former officials who express concern about the party's stability if Biden, given his age, encounters health issues or opts out of the race. This sentiment encapsulates the precarious position in which the party finds itself.

Axelrod Questions Biden's Candidacy Wisdom

David Axelrod, a seasoned political strategist, brought a nuanced perspective to the conversation. He raised a fundamental question regarding Biden's potential candidacy, asking whether it would be wise for Biden himself or the country. Axelrod's commentary adds a layer of introspection to the discussion, prompting consideration of Biden's well-being alongside national interests.

Moreover, an anonymous senior Democrat, in conversation with Reuters, starkly stated, "There is no Plan B." This sentiment reflects a profound sense of unease within the party.

The source further commented on Vice President Kamala Harris, suggesting she does not command the fear or respect necessary to be a formidable contender if Biden does not run. This highlights the party's lack of a clear, strong alternative to Biden.

Uncertainty Looms Over Democratic Party's Future

The stakes for the Democratic Party are high as the 2024 elections approach. With no apparent successor to Biden, the party's ability to maintain its hold on the presidency is uncertain. This situation is exacerbated by the looming possibility of facing Donald Trump, a formidable opponent, in the upcoming election.

Reflecting on this, Reuters spoke to various officials who, despite their support for Biden, acknowledged the potential for a major shake-up in the party. They pointed out the risks associated with Biden's age and health, emphasizing the need for a robust contingency plan.

This situation puts the Democratic Party in a challenging position as they grapple with the realities of a rapidly approaching election and the absence of a clear alternative to Biden. It underscores the need for strategic foresight and planning, traits crucial for any political entity aiming to thrive in the dynamic landscape of American politics.


  • The Democratic Party is currently without a "Plan B" should President Biden decide not to run for reelection.
  • A recent survey shows likely voters describing Biden as "old," "weak," and "tired," casting doubts over his strength as a candidate.
  • Logistical challenges make it nearly impossible for a new candidate to enter the race at this stage, according to Democratic strategist Tim Hogan.
  • Vice President Kamala Harris does not appear to deter other potential candidates from considering a run should Biden step aside.
  • The Democratic Party faces a significant challenge and potential upheaval ahead of the 2024 election.
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