BY Jack Davis, The Western JournalJanuary 17, 2023
1 year ago
 | January 17, 2023
1 year ago

Elon Musk Unsettled by Klaus Schwab's 'Ominous' Opening Remarks at World Economic Forum's Annual Meeting

Two high-profile skeptics gave World Economic Forum Executive Chairman Klaus Schwab a reality check over his comments Monday about the future.

Schwab was speaking in Davos, Switzerland, as the WEF's annual meeting kicked off with the presentation of the Crystal Awards to various artists.

"We couldn't meet at a more challenging time,” Schwab said. "We are confronted with so many crises simultaneously."

"What does it mean to master the future?" he said. "I think to have a platform where all stakeholders of global society are engaged -- governments, business, civil societies, young generation, I could go on -- I think the first step is to meet all the challenges."

"But what is even more important is that we approach the future with a positive spirit, with a spirit which reflects human creativity and ingenuity," Schwab continued, citing the need for excellence in the arts.

Scott Adams and Elon Musk kicked the words "master the future" around Monday with something less than reverence.

“I’m skeptical of anything that can’t be explained in a sentence. What exactly do they do? And Why?” tweeted Adams, a cartoonist who dabbles as a Twitter gadfly when not drawing "Dilbert."

Musk, who owns Twitter and has been a critic of the World Economic Forum, replied.

"'Master the Future' doesn’t sound ominous at all," he said sarcastically, adding the eye-roll emoji.

"How is WEF/Davos even a thing? Are they trying to be the boss of the Earth?"

Adams and Musk have sent other carping comments the WEF's way.

In its outline of the meeting taking place in Davos, under the theme of "Cooperation in a Fragmented World," the WEF said the session will "reaffirm the value and imperative of dialogues and public-private cooperation, not only to navigate the current cascading crises but, more importantly, to drive tangible, system-positive change for the long term."

Writing for the Post Millennial, Libby Emmons offered this translation: "In other words, the plan is to harness these simultaneous crises, as Schwab elucidated, and use them to gain control, drive a new world view, and demand compliance from both private and public actors on the world stage."


Emmons wrote that the vision driving the WEF is one of "entirely remaking the way that societies and economics operate, not in an organic way, but by intentional change, without concern for existing industries, the impact of the new technologies in terms of resource cultivation and disposal, and to attain goals the WEF set at the last meeting for how quickly these changes can be made."

The World Economic Forum's annual gathering ends Friday.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Written by: Jack Davis, The Western Journal



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