BY Staff WritersDecember 5, 2023
3 months ago

Actress Florence Pugh Hit in Face While on Stage

In a startling incident this past weekend, actress Florence Pugh, known for her most recent role in Dune: Part Two, faced an unexpected ordeal while on stage.

The 27-year-old actress was struck in the face by an unknown object during a fan convention in Brazil. The incident occurred at CCXP 2023 in Brazil on Dec. 3 while was promoting her upcoming movie.

Details of the Disturbing Incident

Witnesses and fans captured the moment on video, which quickly spread on social media.

The footage shows Pugh flinching and mouthing "ow," a natural reaction to the sudden impact. She then proceeded to wipe her face and pick up the object that had struck her.

While the nature of the object remains unclear, there is no current information on whether the actress sustained any injuries from the incident.

Rising Concern Over Performers' Safety

This event is part of a worrying trend involving public figures being hit with objects while on stage. In recent times, several other celebrities have faced similar situations during their performances.

Bebe Rexha, a 33-year-old singer, was hit in the face by a cell phone while performing in New York City. The impact left her with a swollen, purple eye and a cut under her brow.

Another incident involved musician Harry Styles, 29, who has been hit by unknown objects at his shows in Vienna and other locations.

Corporate Response to Stage Incidents

Following the incident involving Styles, where he was hit in the eye by Skittles, the candy company took a public stance. Skittles released an advertisement urging fans not to throw candy at performers.

These incidents highlight the unpredictable and sometimes dangerous nature of live performances, raising questions about the security measures in place to protect artists.

Notable Incidents Involving Other Performers

In another bizarre incident, singer Pink was hit by a bag of alleged human cremated remains while performing at a festival in London over the summer. The nature of these objects and the intent behind these actions remain a subject of concern and debate.

Speaking of the incident, Pink addressed the audience, inquiring humorously yet with an evident concern, "Is this your mom?" This comment reflected her attempt to lighten the situation while drawing attention to the gravity of the act.

The Impact of These Incidents on the Entertainment Industry

These occurrences are not only alarming but also reflect a breach of the safety protocols that are expected to be in place at public events.

The increasing frequency of such incidents has sparked discussions about the safety and respect for artists during live performances.

Concerns have been raised about the measures being taken to ensure the safety of performers and the responsibility of event organizers in preventing such occurrences.

Reflections on the Importance of Artist Safety

The incident involving Pugh and others in the entertainment industry serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerabilities faced by public figures. The physical and psychological impacts of such incidents cannot be understated.

As we reflect on these events, it is crucial to consider the balance between fan enthusiasm and the respect and safety of those on stage. These incidents, while isolated, point to a larger issue within the sphere of public performances.


  • Florence Pugh was hit in the face by an unknown object while promoting Dune: Part Two at CCXP 2023 in Brazil.
  • Other celebrities, including Bebe Rexha and Harry Styles, have also been struck by objects while performing.
  • The frequency of such incidents raises concerns about performers' safety and the measures in place to protect them.
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