BY Benjamin ClarkDecember 6, 2023
7 months ago
 | December 6, 2023
7 months ago

Gold Bars Found in Menendez' Home Linked to Violent Robbery

The recent indictment of Democratic Sen. Bob Menendez of New Jersey on bribery charges has taken a dramatic turn with the revelation of gold bars in his home, which were reportedly tied to a past violent robbery.

Menendez, indicted in September for bribery and acting as an agent for Egypt, now faces deeper scrutiny with the discovery of gold bars linked to businessman Fred Daibes.

Daibes, a New Jersey businessman, allegedly bribed Menendez with gifts in exchange for protection from prosecution. This September, the FBI found gold bars in Menendez's home, four of which have a startling history.

Link Between Gold Bars and Violent Robbery Uncovered

These gold bars have been connected to a 2013 robbery involving Daibes. During this incident, 22 gold bars were stolen, each with a unique serial number.

Daibes provided these serial numbers for investigation. Four people were arrested, and the stolen gold was eventually returned to Daibes.

The twist in Menendez's story lies in the serial numbers. At least four of the gold bars found in his home match those from the 2013 robbery, casting a shadow on the source of these assets.

Superseding Indictment Strengthens Bribery Claims

October brought a superseding indictment against Menendez, alleging his involvement with Daibes in accepting bribes. These bribes were supposedly in exchange for using his Senate influence.

The indictment included images of two gold bars from Daibes, further tying Menendez to the businessman.

Allegedly, Menendez sought to influence the prosecution of Daibes on federal charges. In return, he received cash, furniture, and these controversial gold bars.

Daibes' Statement Sheds Light on Gold Bar Identification

Explaining the uniqueness of these gold bars, Daibes stated, "Each gold bar has its serial number, they’re all stamped ... You’ll never see two stamped the same way."

This detail about the gold bars' serial numbers plays a crucial role in linking them to the 2013 robbery and, consequently, to Menendez.

NBC legal analyst Danny Cevallos commented on the situation, emphasizing the clear chain of custody of these bars. Their unique identification aids in establishing this link.

Legal Implications for Senator Menendez

Cevallos highlighted, "All of this spells bad news for Sen. Menendez because the chain of custody — it appears — is going to be easy to prove up."

This statement underscores the potential ease with which the prosecution can connect the gold bars to Menendez, complicating his legal defense.

In response to these allegations, Senator Menendez maintains his innocence. He believes the full presentation of facts will lead to his exoneration and continuation as New Jersey’s senior senator.

Menendez Firmly Denies Allegations

Menendez's statement in the wake of these allegations was resolute. He said, "The allegations leveled against me are just that, allegations. I firmly believe that when all the facts are presented, not only will I be exonerated, but I still will be New Jersey’s senior senator."

This assertion of innocence comes amidst a growing body of evidence that paints a different picture, one of alleged bribery and illicit dealings.

The senator's defiant stance in the face of these charges reflects his confidence in the legal process and his belief in his ultimate vindication.


As the investigation continues, the public awaits further developments. The intricate web of allegations, evidence, and counterclaims makes this a story of significant interest, not just in New Jersey but nationwide.

  • Sen. Bob Menendez faces increased legal troubles following the discovery of gold bars in his home, linked to a bribery case involving businessman Fred Daibes and a past violent robbery.
  • The gold bars found in Menendez's home are connected to a 2013 robbery where similar bars with unique serial numbers were stolen from Daibes.
  • An October indictment against Menendez alleges his involvement in accepting bribes from Daibes, including gold bars, in exchange for influencing federal prosecution.
  • The unique serial numbers on the gold bars are crucial in linking them to the 2013 robbery and implicating Menendez.
  • Despite the allegations and evidence, Senator Menendez maintains his innocence, believing that a full presentation of facts will lead to his exoneration.
Written by: Benjamin Clark



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