BY Christine Favocci, The Western JournalMarch 31, 2023
1 year ago
 | March 31, 2023
1 year ago

KJP Blasted for Awful Thing She Said Just Days After Christians Killed by Trans Shooter

Just days after a gender-confused woman shot and killed three children and three adults at a Christian school in Nashville, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told the media that trans people are "under attack."

At the very least, this was a tone-deaf statement. At its worst, this was yet another sickening attempt to turn the perpetrator of this horrific crime into a victim to further a patently false narrative.

At a news briefing on Thursday, Jean-Pierre was asked about legislative pushback in Kentucky against the radical transgender agenda, the ensuing protests, and the upcoming "Transgender Day of Visibility."

She began her answer by denouncing "anti-trans bills, as they attack trans kids, as they attack trans parents."

"As you mentioned, tomorrow's Trans Visibility Day," Jean-Pierre told the reporter. "On a day that we should be lifting up our trans kids, our trans youth, and making sure that they feel seen, we're seeing more and more of these hateful, hateful bills."

(What the Biden administration calls "hateful, hateful bills" are legislative measures to prevent child genital mutilation, among other horrors, Fox News reported.)

Jean-Pierre went on to accuse Republicans of trying to "take away people's freedoms."

"It is shameful. It is disturbing," Jean-Pierre added. "And our hearts go out to the trans community as they are under attack right now.

"But this is a president who has said many times before he has their backs. He will continue to have their backs. And he will continue to fight for them."

Although Jean-Pierre's remarks weren't directly related to the Covenant school shooting, they echoed the victim-blaming that happened almost immediately after the tragedy.

Much like the hysteria over supposedly anti-Muslim attacks following 9/11, the plight of the protected class of the criminal overshadowed concern for the innocent victims -- in this case, Christian children.

After all, Jean-Pierre didn't promise that Biden would "fight for" or "have the backs" of the Christians who were just targeted.

The White House pressroom didn't bat an eye, but social media didn't take kindly to this kind of sentiment from the administration.

If the Biden administration had even a modicum of common sense or self-awareness, they would back off this rhetoric -- at least long enough to bury the children slain by this gender-confused woman.

But they just can't help themselves.

Whatever will further their narrative -- namely, that anything short of throwing a pride parade amounts to a call for violence against transgender people -- is on the table, no matter what.

They are masters at contorting a tragedy to suit their end, and they have the distinct advantage of having no conscience to hinder them.

However, they may be overplaying their hand this time around by standing on the bodies of dead schoolchildren to defend mentally ill people like Audrey Hale.

The American people have been lulled into apathy about many things, but child-sized caskets being lowered into the ground just before Easter isn't one of them.

Democrats are in trouble if they think we as a nation are that far gone -- but perhaps we can't blame them, considering that decades of Democratic victories were won on promises to spill the blood of the unborn.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Written by: Christine Favocci, The Western Journal



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