BY Aileen BarroJune 17, 2024
1 month ago
 | June 17, 2024
1 month ago

Man Admits to Killing Girl and Abduction, Requests Death Penalty

A Louisiana man, David Callihan, has admitted to abducting two children and killing one of them in a possible human trafficking case. 

Callihan, 36, confessed to his crimes to journalists outside police headquarters in Jackson, Mississippi, stating he deserves death for his actions. He has been charged with capital murder and sexual battery.

According to the New York Post, Callihan admitted to abducting Erin Brunett, 4, and her sister Jalie, 6, from Louisiana and transporting them across state lines.

Erin was found dead inside Callihan’s car, while Jalie was discovered alive nearby. Callihan expressed remorse, saying he had no reason for his actions and was sober but had been on and off Lexapro.

Callihan's Background and Mental Health Claims

Callihan claimed he had been diagnosed with multiple personality disorder and was not pretending to be mentally ill. He stated he had only been out of a mental health facility for two weeks before committing the crimes. He also mentioned that he had agreed to cooperate with authorities and not contest the charges against him.

Callihan told reporters that lethal injection would be the easiest punishment for his crimes. He emphasized his willingness to accept responsibility for his actions and his belief that the death penalty was appropriate.

Callihan's criminal history includes eight arrests since 2008 for various offenses, including felony burglary and aggravated battery.

The FBI has taken the lead in the investigation, which is also looking into the possible human trafficking aspect of the case. The scene where the girls were found reportedly contained small animal cages, adding to the grim nature of the discovery. Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade described the scene as “horrible” and “tragic.”

The Discovery of Callie Brunett

The mother of the two girls, Callie Brunett, 35, was found dead in her trailer home in Loranger, Louisiana, on June 13. Callihan is also a suspect in her death. An Amber alert was issued for the missing girls after Callie's body was discovered by her father.

Callie Brunett had last been seen on June 11. Authorities believe that Callihan, who had been involved with Callie, abducted the children shortly after her death. Callihan’s erratic behavior and criminal history had already terrorized the community in Amite, Louisiana, where he sometimes lived under a bridge or in a camper.

Victoria Cox was arrested as a suspected accomplice in the abduction and murder. Neighbors reported that Callihan exhibited bizarre behavior, such as being naked with a crossbow and setting a shed on fire. This history of troubling actions contributed to the fear and concern within the community.

Community Reactions and Legal Proceedings

Darci Heck, a neighbor from Amite, expressed relief that Callihan had been caught but also fear for the safety of the community. Heck’s 12-year-old daughter, Laci Beetz, shared similar sentiments, stating that it was terrifying to think that Callihan lived so close to them. The community’s sense of security has been deeply shaken by these events.

Jackson Police Chief Joseph Wade indicated that the investigation is ongoing and that more details about the human trafficking aspect may emerge. The FBI's involvement underscores the severity and complexity of the case. Callihan’s willingness to cooperate with authorities could potentially expedite the legal process.

David Callihan’s admission of guilt and his request for the death penalty highlights the gravity of the crimes committed. The legal proceedings will determine his fate, but his confession has already provided a significant amount of evidence against him. The community and the authorities continue to grapple with the aftermath of these tragic events.

Callihan said:

I have told them everything I did, and I have agreed to not fight it. For what I did, lethal injection is the easiest thing for me.

The investigation into Callie Brunett’s death and the potential human trafficking link remains a priority for law enforcement. As the case progresses, more information will likely come to light, providing a clearer picture of the events that led to this tragic situation. The community's resilience and the efforts of the authorities will be crucial in addressing the impact of these heinous crimes.


David Callihan’s admission to the abduction and murder highlights a tragic series of events with potential human trafficking implications. Erin Brunett was found dead, and her sister Jalie was rescued nearby, while their mother, Callie Brunett, was found murdered in her home.

Callihan’s criminal history and erratic behavior had already caused fear in his community. The FBI is now leading the investigation, which includes looking into the possible human trafficking connection. As legal proceedings continue, the community and authorities seek justice and answers in this harrowing case.

Written by: Aileen Barro



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