BY Staff WritersNovember 28, 2023
3 months ago

Man charged with leaking evidence related to Delphi, IN murders

In a stunning development, an Indiana man has been charged in connection with the high-profile 2017 Delphi murders.

Mitchell Westerman faces charges for leaking sensitive evidence photos from the murder case, leading to significant disruptions in the trial.

A Disturbing Discovery

Westerman, a 41-year-old Indiana resident, was employed at the law firm of Andrew Baldwin, one of the initial defense attorneys in the notorious Delphi murder case. This case, which has gripped the nation since 2017, involves the tragic killings of teenagers Abby Williams and Libby German.

Westerman admitted to discovering crime scene evidence photos in Baldwin's office. These photos were of significant importance to the ongoing case. Upon this discovery, he made a fateful decision that would have far-reaching consequences.

He chose to share these photos with an acquaintance in Fishers, Indiana. This decision set off a chain of events that ultimately led to the images being leaked online, causing a significant breach of the case's confidentiality.

Tragic Aftermath and Judicial Response

The man in Fishers, to whom Westerman had shared the photos, reportedly took his own life after being questioned by police regarding the leak. This tragic turn added another layer of complexity and sorrow to an already convoluted case.

In the wake of the leak, Judge Fran Gull took decisive action. She removed Baldwin and his co-counsel, Brad Rozzi, from representing the defendant, Richard Allen. This decision was not taken lightly but was deemed necessary due to the severity of the breach.

Judge Gull, in a statement, expressed her deep dissatisfaction with the defense team's handling of sensitive material. Her words underscored the seriousness of the situation and the need for stringent measures to preserve the integrity of the legal process.

Legal Tensions Escalate

After being removed, Rozzi and Baldwin attempted to continue their representation of Allen on a pro bono basis. However, Judge Gull denied this request, citing the previous negligence that led to their removal.

This decision was not accepted quietly by the legal community. In response, attorneys unaffiliated with the case petitioned for Judge Gull's replacement, citing concerns over her handling of the situation. This move marked a significant escalation in the legal tensions surrounding the case.

"It pains me to say this, but the totality of these circumstances demonstrate gross negligence and incompetence on the part of the defense team," Gull said.

The Timeline of Events

The events leading up to this moment have unfolded over several years. In February 2017, the small town of Delphi was rocked by the murders of Williams and German. This case quickly captured national attention, becoming one of Indiana's most infamous unsolved crimes.

In October, 2022 Richard Allen was charged with the murders, a significant development in the long-standing investigation. However, this progress was soon overshadowed by the leak of evidence photos, reported publicly on Oct. 5.

Late in October, Judge Gull met with the defense attorneys to discuss the leak. This meeting set the stage for the subsequent legal actions, including the charging of Westerman and the removal of Baldwin and Rozzi as defense attorneys.

A Judicial Dilemma

"I am unsatisfied with your representation of Mr. Allen. I am gravely concerned about his right to have competent, non-negligent representation. He currently doesn’t have that right now,” Judge Gull expressed, highlighting the gravity of the situation and the paramount importance of proper legal representation in such a high-profile case.

In a heated exchange, Rozzi questioned Gull's intentions, implying that the judge was forcing them to choose between quitting or being fired. This exchange revealed the strained relationship between the court and the defense team.

Gull responded firmly, clarifying her stance and intentions. Her focus remained steadfastly on upholding the integrity of the legal process and ensuring fair representation for the accused.

Concluding Thoughts

The Delphi murder case, already marred by tragedy, has been further complicated by this recent turn of events. The charges against Mitchell Westerman for leaking sensitive evidence photos have not only impacted the legal proceedings but also cast a shadow over the judicial system's ability to handle such sensitive cases.

  • Abby Williams and Libby German were murdered in Delphi, Indiana.
  • Richard Allen was charged with the Delphi murders.
  • Evidence photo leak publicly reported.
  • Judge Gull meets with defense attorneys about the leak.
  • Mitchell Westerman was charged with conversion for leaking photos.
  • Judge Gull removed Baldwin and Rozzi as defense attorneys.
  • Attorneys petition to replace Judge Gull.
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