BY Mike Huckabee, The Western JournalJanuary 31, 2023
1 year ago
 | January 31, 2023
1 year ago

Mike Huckabee: Hunter Financially Tied to Chinese Espionage, Sent More Classified Emails

As it becomes clearer that Hunter Biden, with his many shady business connections and, shall we say, freewheeling lifestyle, had access to top-secret material in his father’s possession, the question becomes, how did this search for classified documents get started?

Kash Patel, who as lead investigator for Devin Nunes' House Intel Committee and a former deputy director of national intelligence is in a relatively good position to know, examines this in an Op-Ed at the Daily Caller. But first, he dismantles the lip service given by Attorney General Merrick Garland and FBI Director Christopher Wray to “traditions and principles” that in reality have led to a two-tier "justice" system.

“As a sitting president and now the target of a criminal investigation,” Patel writes, “Biden has publicly stated ‘there is no there there’ while his personal attorneys are allowed full control of the scene. In what world do we want this to be the traditions and principles of justice, where the accused defines the parameters of the Constitution?”

Patel predicts that many more classified documents will be found, along with more people who had access. But did the librarians at the National Archives actually initiate the search? Really? Patel says that to understand how the search got started and why it was undertaken in the first place, we must look to Hunter’s laptop.

“Political crime is the Biden family business,” he says. “Covering up those crimes, well, that has been the business of the current DOJ and FBI, along with the media.”

Their choice of Robert Hur to serve as the special counsel investigating the Biden documents reflects that. “While serving as the Principal Associate Deputy Attorney General -- the third highest official at the DOJ [EDITORIAL NOTE: Obama attorney Lisa Monaco is second-highest] -- Hur blocked Congressional subpoenas for the Russia Gate investigation ... and argued against the release of the ‘Nunes Memo’ [EDITORIAL NOTE: which turned out to be completely right].”

“This investigation into the handling of these classified documents did not begin in November 2022,” Patel writes. “The timing of the documents is no coincidence. This scandal was perfectly timed and flawlessly revealed with the assistance of the corrupt media.”

He outlines steps that must be taken by the new House Committee on the Weaponization of the Federal Government. These include subpoenaing every last document and financial record, plus pertinent records from the FBI (like 302s of interviews) and the Secret Service. You can read Patel’s recommendations here.

Recall that Joe Biden, as vice president, was “point man” on Ukraine while his son was doing business with corrupt Ukrainians, even sitting on the board of one corrupt company, Burisma, that was trying to avoid an investigation. Biden got Ukraine’s head prosecutor fired by threatening to withhold aid. (That’s what Trump was impeached for doing, when it was Biden who actually did it and even bragged about it -- before a live audience and on video!)

Steve Hilton, on his Sunday show "The Next Revolution," called the corruption exposed by this type of arrangement “the business model of The Swamp” -- the exploitation of public office for personal gain.

Hilton mentioned another issue he reported on a couple of years ago: the support of Ukrainian natural gas companies -- like Burisma -- while VP Biden and key Democratic senators were trying to shut ours down, along with the fossil fuel industry in general. He showed the money trail -- $90,000 from Burisma... to a lobbyist who had been John Kerry’s chief of staff... who passed money to Democratic senators... who pushed Biden for taxpayer aid (!) to Ukraine’s gas industry.

And they got it. From 2014 to 2016, while Hunter was on Burisma’s board, Joe Biden presided over three separate billion-dollar loan guarantees from U.S. taxpayers to Ukraine. One big question: In this “cash for gas” scandal, how many millions of those taxpayer dollars went to Burisma?

Investigative reporter Peter Schweizer, who specializes in following money trails, appeared on the show to point out that it wouldn’t be an adequate defense “politically or legally” to say, “Well, sure, my family got money, but I would have made the same decisions [anyway].” He pointed out the amazing timing of events -- that VP Biden was made point man on Ukraine policy just three weeks before Hunter was put on Burisma’s board with no energy experience at all.

We would add something that might turn out to be very important: The particular email Miranda Devine found on Hunter’s laptop that appeared to incorporate a classified briefing on Ukraine was from that exact period. Hunter was angling to get on the board then. The Gateway Pundit analyzed the 22 points of information in this email and concluded it must have been classified. And now they say there’s a second such email. Details here; a must-read...

Schweizer brought up a new piece of information about one of Burisma’s investors who was a beneficiary of that money. This is a Ukrainian oligarch named Ihor Kolomoisky, who happens to have been the chief financial backer of now-President Volodymyr Zelenskyy. (Side note: Interestingly, we found that they’re not on the best of terms now, as Zelenskyy has reportedly taken steps to strip him of his citizenship. For when you have time and want to learn more about Ukrainian oligarchs, here’s the link.)

Anyway, even with all the Ukrainian corruption, Schweizer would like to see Kentucky Rep. James Comer, head of the House Oversight Committee, place more of the focus on the Bidens’ interests in China, “because this, I think, is truly frightening,” he said, “and I don’t say that lightly.” All the Chinese executives who greenlighted those deals with the Bidens had links to the highest levels of Chinese intelligence.

For example, Schweizer learned from Hong Kong financial and corporate records that an executive who helped Hunter get into an investment fund that netted him around $20 million was also business partners with the vice minister of state security in China. His responsibility: foreign espionage. No, really!

OK, one more example: An executive who wired $5 million to Hunter had taken it out of an account he shared with the daughter of the former minister of state security. This man “ran the entire spy apparatus of China,” Schweizer said. “There’s no discernible business service that Hunter Biden performed for any of that money.”

You can’t tell me that the CCP didn’t have its spies all around Joe Biden and his classified files -- certainly at the Penn Biden Center, which was funded indirectly by Chinese money, and probably in other locations as well, even at his home.

That brings us to a key development in the story from the New York Post. According to experts and leaked texts from 2018 with then-assistant Katie Dodge, it’s apparent that Hunter Biden was turning his father’s home into “a high-powered and possibly [POSSIBLY?] compromised home office, wheeling and dealing with some of the same nations whose names have turned up in classified documents recently discovered at the home.” Recall that the Bidens had been setting up an office at a D.C. complex called House of Sweden, but that lease was up in February 2018.

Security experts cited for the story called this arrangement “outrageous” and “a glaring security risk.” Information operations consultant Jim Hanson said, “Having access to U.S. classified material makes it much easier to leverage your business operations. You know things others don’t know or can’t know. That’s a very distinct possibility."

"He’s a degenerate junkie cavorting with foreign prostitutes. How could that go wrong in a place where a bunch of documents are stashed everywhere?”

Former FBI agent Warren Flagg said, “Hunter is a wild card. ... There’s a plethora of unconfirmed possibilities here which would be detrimental to this entire situation. ... How many people have access to the house? It is a zoo.”

Nick Arama at RedState reports something new about another aspect of Biden’s possession of classified documents. Authorities also seized handwritten notebooks detailing official business from when he was VP. If he wrote about or copied any classified information into the notebooks, then they’re classified, too. So, Biden “took classified documents seriously”? He was “surprised” that classified material was there?

Final note: Dick Morris says he anticipates seeing documents about the “big [Ukrainian] bribery scandal involving the Vice President and his son” and that this will “knock him out of the 2024 race.”

“That’s going to be the absolute end of it for Biden,” he adds. Morris doesn't say it, but we will: This shouldn't even be news now. The FBI knew it was true before Biden was even elected, but it kept it quiet. And that might be the biggest scandal of all.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Written by: Mike Huckabee, The Western Journal



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