BY Benjamin ClarkJuly 9, 2024
2 weeks ago
 | July 9, 2024
2 weeks ago

NY Times' Maureen Dowd Alters Biden Quote After Campaign Request

A Biden campaign aide pressed a New York Times columnist to edit a quote in her article, sparking questions about media independence and the handling of presidential comments.

According to the New York Post, TJ Ducklo, a Biden campaign spokesperson, intervened to correct what he described as a misreported presidential statement in a New York Times column.

Maureen Dowd, an established op-ed writer for The New York Times, became part of a media controversy involving a request to amend a presidential quote.

The call came from TJ Ducklo, a former White House deputy press secretary who is now a spokesperson for the Biden campaign. The incident traces back to an ABC News interview in which President Joe Biden, speaking to George Stephanopoulos, apparently misspoke.

During the interview, Biden's use of the nonstandard word "goodest" was captured in the initial ABC transcript. However, this was later altered to "good as" following a request from the White House for correction. Dowd used the original quote in her column, reflecting Biden's exact words as initially transcribed.

The Editorial Debate Over Alterations

TJ Duckla subsequently contacted Dowd, urging her to revise the quotation in her published article to reflect the updated transcript. In his communication, Ducklo stressed that ABC News made the decision to change the transcript independently, not under the campaign’s pressure.

Ducklo's approach to Dowd was professional, highlighting the potential discrepancy between her column and the broadcaster's official record.

"ABC News received the tape and confirmed the error to us. Then made the correction," Ducklo penned in his email to Dowd. He also insisted that such an editorial change was usual under the circumstances, emphasizing the autonomy of ABC News in making such a decision.

Dowd, known for her meticulous reporting, remarked on her method to confirm the quote, stating she listened repeatedly to ensure accuracy. However, aware of the broader editorial considerations and possibly to maintain congruence with the source material's updated version, she adjusted Biden's quote in her Sunday column.

Revisiting Past Controversies

This scenario unfolded against a backdrop of a prior controversy involving Ducklo, who had resigned in 2021 after allegations of threatening a reporter emerged.

The reporter, Tara Palmeri, was investigating his relationship with then-Axios reporter Alexi McCammond, which itself drew significant media attention. McCammond’s career faced its upheavals; she had to leave Axios, briefly worked at Teen Vogue, and eventually returned to Axios.

In a recent outburst on TikTok, McCammond openly criticized Ducklo, linking him to the cleanup of what she framed as a "disastrous debate." Her candid remarks added a personal dimension to the ongoing public narrative around Ducklo's interactions with the media.

Exploring the Impact on Public Trust

Dowd's eventual decision to update her column underscores the delicate balance journalists navigate between reporting facts and accommodating subsequent editorial revisions from authoritative sources.

"Whatever the president meant, his answer to that question went over like a lead balloon. No one cares if he feels good about himself in a losing cause," Dowd reflected on the broader implications of the quote's scrutiny.

The interaction between Dowd and Ducklo brings forward important questions about journalistic integrity, the influence of political campaigns on media, and how such dynamics potentially shape public perception.

This incident reflects the constant negotiation between reporting the unvarnished truth and adhering to evolving editorial standards, perhaps hinting at the increasingly complex relationship between the press and political entities.


A Biden campaign aide requested a New York Times columnist to edit a quote in her article, raising questions about media independence and handling presidential comments.

TJ Ducklo, a Biden campaign spokesperson, contacted Maureen Dowd, urging her to amend a misquoted presidential statement. This incident highlights the ongoing tension between journalistic integrity and political influence.

Written by: Benjamin Clark



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