BY Joe Saunders, The Western JournalJune 12, 2023
1 year ago
 | June 12, 2023
1 year ago

Statue of Revolutionary War Hero Quietly Removed from City Hall - Flags on Building Show Government's True Allegiance

This was one battle a Revolutionary War hero couldn't win -- but the war is far from lost.

In the run-up to Flag Day this week and the Fourth of July next month, the Democratic-dominated city government of New York state's capital on Saturday showed just how much scorn the modern left has for the men who helped lead the American colonies to independence.

And it was the "pride" flags that flew on city hall as silent witnesses that really told the story of warped priorities.

According to WNYT-TV in Albany, a work crew showed up Saturday at City Hall to remove the statue of Continental Army Gen. Philip Schuyler.

The statue had stood for nearly a century to honor a general who was a friend of George Washington and one of the planners of the Battle of Saratoga in 1777, a victory for the Continental Army that was so important it moved the Continental Congress issued a proclamation for a "national day of Thanksgiving," the first of its kind in American history.

But as an 18th-century hero of his country, Schuyler simply isn't acceptable by the standards of the first quarter of the 21st century because, as WNYT points out, he was one of the largest slaveowners in the state of New York during his lifetime.

So, in the lifetimes of modern Americans, that makes him about as welcome as Emmanuel Goldstein to an Oceania barbecue.

WNYT anchor Subrina Dhammi posted video of the action to Twitter.

The work took place three years after Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan ordered the statue removed during the national insanity that followed the death of accused counterfeiter George Floyd in the custody of Minneapolis, Minnesota, police, according to the Albany Times-Union.

The Times-Union reported that the Saturday morning move was deliberately timed to make sure few members of the public -- the kind of Americans who ostensibly control their government -- would not be around to notice.

"Sheehan acknowledged the strong emotions on both sides of the issue and said it was one reason for removing the statue at a time when few were out of bed, let alone in downtown Albany," the newspaper reported.

But was left behind? Visible in the background of the statue's move, flying from city hall itself, were flags symbolizing the message of Albany's new commitment -- to the choice of sex partners, choice of sex lifestyle, and the unquestionably deranged "choice" of an individual to pretend that the body at birth does not determine gender for life.

To get the obvious out of the way, Schuyler was not a perfect man -- perfection is not the hallmark of humans, after all. He wasn't even a perfect military man, since he was actually court-martialed for incompetence after the British retook the critical Fort Ticonderoga in July 1777, a defeat that made the Continental victory at Saratoga all the more important three months later. (He was acquitted in the court-martial.)

But to bring in the more obvious question: How is it that a Revolutionary War hero is displaced from an American state capital because he owned slaves -- something that was perfectly legal in his own day -- even if it is morally reprehensible to modern sensibilities? Are progressive Americans so sure that generations of the future won't look back with equal horror to what is commonly accepted today, like the monstrosity of legalized abortion, or the mutilation of children?

Meanwhile, the flags of "pride" month -- which denote no patriotic service, no commitment to God and country, nothing more than a determination to either act out the desires of the flesh or the psychoses of the mind (the mental illness men who claim to be women; women who claim to be men) -- are elevated to the status of icons on the very city hall that has rejected one of the Founding generation.

The move wasn't nearly as popular as leftists would want to pretend:

There's no doubt that leftists think they're winning the war against American history, and against the idea of a natural, unchangeable creation of men and women.

After all, they have every establishment news media outlet, the educational establishment, the leftist political structure, and the world of entertainment under lock and key.

But a poll released only last week, according to NBC News, shows a solid majority of Americans -- 65 percent -- still understand the reality that human beings have known for millennia: That the species is made up of men and women. (The other 35 percent are either lying or lunatics.)

The left's attempts to erase the nation's history and its heroes is seeing a dismal high point, as evidenced by the removal of the Schuyler statue, but the fact that it had to be done deliberately at a time when most people wouldn't be around to witness it, shows just how insecure the American left is in pushing its propaganda.

Meanwhile, the Empire State still has both a Schuyler County and Schuylerville, a village named in Schuyler's honor (which wants the statue if Albany doesn't, according to NBC). Don't expect them to be disappearing any time soon.

Progressives aren't succeeding in erasing the fundamental realities of life or American history -- no matter how many fraudulent flags it can fly.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Written by: Joe Saunders, The Western Journal



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