BY Bryan Chai, The Western JournalMay 4, 2023
10 months ago

Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump Reportedly Want to Team Up for Something Big

A genuine litmus test for conservatives, Republicans, and conservative media consumers alike may be on the horizon -- and it's all thanks to Fox News, Tucker Carlson and Donald Trump.

For still-unexplained reasons, Fox News opted to abruptly part ways with Carlson -- easily one of the network's most prominent, if not the most prominent, hosts -- in a move that is still sending reverberations through the conservative ecosphere.

While there have been many theories bandied about as to why Carlson was so unceremoniously let go, nothing official has materialized.

Adding fuel to the flames of speculation, Carlson has also been rather tight-lipped on what his plans are.

Carlson did release a video in which he nebulously addressed his future (without mentioning Fox News once), but did not offer anything specific.

Many have postulated that Carlson's silence is largely a contractual muzzling, with Fox aiming to deliberately sideline the host through the 2024 elections.

That would make sense, as Carlson has already proven that Fox News needs him way more than he needs Fox News. The now-beleaguered news network has been hemorrhaging subscribers and viewers, who are furious with Carlson's ouster.

Which brings everything to a fascinating new report from The Washington Post about what Carlson actually wants to do (since the man is still mum on specifics, perhaps due to Fox News non-disclosure or non-compete clauses) now that he's no longer beholden to a prime-time news slot.

According to the Post, Carlson wants to expand his brand beyond any single medium (television, podcasts, streaming, et al.) and is willing to give up the millions of dollars that Fox still contractually owes him for the freedom to pursue that.

The bombshell part of the report, however, is when it's noted that "Carlson wants to moderate his own GOP candidate forum, outside of the usual strictures of the Republican National Committee debate system."

So yes, Carlson is interested in hosting, essentially, independent GOP primary debates.

Someone else who wouldn't mind that? GOP presidential candidate front-runner and former president, Donald Trump.

According to the report, Carlson has already discussed these plans with Trump and that fact is not insignificant.

You'll recall, Trump has long since questioned the need for any sort of presidential primary debate on the Republican side of the ledger. The former president has made it clear that, as the GOP front-runner, there was no upside to him participating in such an event.

"When you’re leading by seemingly insurmountable numbers, and you have hostile Networks with angry, TRUMP & MAGA hating anchors asking the 'questions,' why subject yourself to being libeled and abused?" Trump asked on Truth Social in late April.

But while that may be his stated line of reasoning, it also stands to reason that Trump may have a more personal ax to grind with Fox News. Besides Carlson, Fox News hosts Maria Bartiromo and Judge Jeanine Pirro -- both staunch Trump allies -- have been telling their respective inner circles that they both expect to be let go soon.

Which brings everything back to that aforementioned litmus test, should Carlson actually get to host an independent presidential debate.

If conservatives tune in in droves, it spells a veritable death knell for establishment television media. For the longest time, the thinking was that the brand or platform makes the personality, but in recent years, it's becoming increasingly clear that personalities make the brand or platform. Just look at the rise of Patreon and Substack, if you need any further proof of that.

It would also be proof positive that Americans are sick and tired of being presented "Big News brought to you by Big Pharma," and want these maverick voices (not unlike Trump or Carlson) speaking directly to them.

But if Carlson's venture flops, even with the participation of Trump?

It shows that the establishment media is more deeply ingrained in Americans than anyone could've guessed. And that's a genuinely frightening proposition.

Unless, of course, you're Fox News.

This article appeared originally on The Western Journal.

Written by: Bryan Chai, The Western Journal



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